Arthur H. Robinson, The Look of Maps

The good cartographer is both a scientist and an artist. He must have a thorough knowledge of his subject and model, the Earth…. He must have the ability to generalize intelligently and to make a right selection of the features to show. These are represented by means of lines or colors; and the effective use of lines or colors requires more than knowledge of the subject – it requires artistic judgement.

This site was started for those brand new to GIS, and for myself to keep notes as I get to learn new things. GIS is an ever evolving technology, and there is always something that changes, or gets introduced. Since I started to introduce people with no GIS experience or training to the software, I figured they might occasionally benefit from the most basic set of instructions. My initial instructions are finding their way here.

Personally, I have transitioned between software versions twice, from 3.2 to 9.2 and so on, and finally, after many years of ArcMap use, I arrived to ArcPro version. Each new learning curve is full of time spent reading lengthy instructions from ESRI. Those very often come with very little to no picture. For a complete newbie, this might be a rather frustrating exercise. But honestly, even experienced veterans sometimes can get a headache figuring things out.