Arthur H. Robinson, The Look of Maps

The good cartographer is both a scientist and an artist. He must have a thorough knowledge of his subject and model, the Earth…. He must have the ability to generalize intelligently and to make a right selection of the features to show. These are represented by means of lines or colors; and the effective use of lines or colors requires more than knowledge of the subject – it requires artistic judgement.

Note Worthy This Month

Visible Earth – Eyes on the Earth 3D from NASA – interactive experience with the real-time data (current storms, cyclone etc.), and a great visual reference of what satellite orbits look like.

Global Ice Viewer – also from NASA – Glaciers, Greenland and Iceland, Arctic and Antarctica – not as animated as the Earth 3D, but interesting to non the less. Glaciers overview provides a good overview of different glaciers around the world and their change in time.

EOSDIS Worldview – stationary imagery covering the entire Globe every 10 minutes. Uses collection of low orbiting satellites and allows to select specific current evens like fire, dust and haze, storms etc.