Creating quarter sections in ArcPro


Split Sections into quarter sections and then a quarter of the quarter.

This is a relatively simple process, but it does take couple of attempts to get this just right. Version of the ArcPro used here is 2.9.1.

MTRS data could be found online thru Bureau of Land Management, or local GIS hubs by individual States. Sometimes individual States might have layers for quarter sections available, but very often this is something that needs to be created. For Land Management purposes, quarter of the sections are used in the legal descriptions.

Step 1: 

Recommended working on a smaller area.

In the Geoprocessing panel of ArcPro, search for “Subdivide Polygon” tool. Alternatively, it could be found in the toolbox under <Data Management Tools> – <Features> – <Subdivide Polygon>.

I had to run the tool twice. First time – split section into two halves. In the “Subdivision Method” it works with “Number of equal parts”.


The “Split Angle” matters as it determines whether or not the split will be done vertically or horizontally.

With 2 areas and the default 0 angle, the first split comes out horizontally:

Step 2:

Runt the same “Subdivide Polygon” tool a second time. This time we will be splitting the new layer that was created in the previous step. This time, set the setting for the “Split Angle” at 90°.


The result should look like this:

Attributes should be carried over from the original sections layer.

Use the same steps to further divide quarter sections if needed.