Adding Mapbox imagery into ArcPro Project

Current version of ArcPro 2.8.3. 

If there is never enough of a base imagery, it is possible to integrate basemaps from Mapbox gallery, as I just learned. Original credit goes to this users:

This article provide quick updates as I noticed that the interface in the Mapbox slightly has changed since the video was made.

Quick process breakdown:

  1. Create Mapbox account 
  2. Navigate Mapbox Gallery ( to find imagery of your liking. Click on it to preview and select “+Add to you Studio”

3. Locate “Share” option in the top-right corner

4. Under Developer resources, locate “Third party” tab, click on the Copy icon to copy the url

5. In ArcPro – follow video instructions (minute 3) to add connection to new World Map Tile Server (WMTS)

Mapbox Resources: